Back to School – 100 New Sisters in 30 Days

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Here in America many of our students have gone back to school. After a summer of fun at the pool and hanging out with friends it’s time to buckle down and put our studies at the forefront. But did you know that overseas in South Asia our Shama Women have been going to school all summer? They don’t take a break. That’s because education is too precious a gift.

For many of these girls getting an education isn’t a given. There are very real sacrifices that they endure in order to learn. They understand how important this opportunity is and they don’t want to miss out.

Also, the fellowship they receive through Shama Women is invaluable. For many of the women this is the only place where they can have community with other women. It’s the only time they can be encouraged. They also know that if they take a break for the summer they may not be able to return. Something else will fill the gap that not going to school leaves. And often what the gap gets filled up with is dangerous and could lead them astray forever.

Because these women are so dedicated to their studies we need to match their dedication. And so we are launching our Back to School Giving Initiative. Our goal at Shama Women is to get 100 new monthly donors during the month of September. These recurring monthly donations help to cover the cost of learning materials and teacher salaries.


Right now there is a waiting list of women who want to join what is happening at the Lydia Center, where so many others are receiving vocational training. These are women who are hungry for an education. Women who really have nowhere else to turn. They have seen the good things happening at the Lydia Center. They have seen women graduate and start careers. They have seen women come to know Christ and be baptized. They are seeing needs being met, both physical and spiritual. Do we really want to turn them away due to lack of funds?

We have the power to help. We have the power to make a very real difference in the lives of these women. We can help pull them out of poverty and give them hope for the future. All the money collected through our monthly donors goes directly to these women. Supplies, transportation, money for teachers. What an amazing opportunity to make a real impact in the lives of these precious women. Please join us in empowering and equipping the women of South Asia with valuable training through the love of Jesus.

Kristel Acevedo is a wife, mother, and writer. She longs to live an abundant life, walking in freedom, and giving all the glory to God. You can find her at

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