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I first learned about Shama Women when I attended the Influence Conference in Indianapolis last year. I loved hearing about women helping women. Their stories impacted me and I knew I wanted to be a part of it, even if only by donating some money. 

Now I have the opportunity to hear personal stories of ladies in South Asia being helped by Shama Women directly from Sharon, one of the founders of this organization. And then I get to share these stories with anyone who will listen.

Growing up in America in a pretty privileged situation, I cannot imagine dealing with some of the circumstances the girls in South Asia have to deal with. But hearing their stories doesn’t make me pity them, it makes me admire them. They possess a strength I have not known personally. They have seen God work incredible miracles in their lives. And their faith is incredibly strong. They truly know the power of prayer and it has inspired me to step up my own prayer life.

One girl that Sharon told me about had an uncle who had gone missing. At first she kept this information to herself, but after 15 days she knew she needed the prayers of her sisters at Shama Women. They all began to pray together and the very next day her uncle was found. What an encouraging testimony. I am reminded that when we face seemingly insurmountable problems in our lives we need to bear one another’s burdens and pray to the Almighty God to give us hope, direction, and peace.

Another girl, whose name means “dawn,” came from an abusive home. She was uneducated and had little hope in this life. But at Shama Women she was encouraged to learn how to read and pray. Together these women prayed for her family and now they are all coming together to church. This girl had no reason to have any hope. She had no reason to believe her situation would ever change. But God. God can change the hearts of man. God can make beautiful things out of the dust Now her life is like the dawn, a new beginning, a new hope.

I rejoice in the ministry of Shama Women because not only are they radically changing the lives of women in South Asia, they are also impacting the lives of women in the United States. Women like me who have forgotten how to pray and hope in Jesus. Women who overcomplicate faith. Women who need to be reminded that it is as simple as praying and trusting in God. He is faithful. He is the God of hope.

Kristel Acevedo is a wife, mother, and writer. She longs to live an abundant life, walking in freedom, and giving all the glory to God. You can find her at kristelacevedo.com.

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