Life, Death and Joy in Christ

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I took my daughter to the park the other day. The spring time weather has been so gorgeous recently, and it was hard not to well up with joy at seeing her excitement when I told her we could go swing on the swings. That was last week, and this week she’ll be turning two.

Another woman took her daughter to the park on Sunday. And another took her son to the airport last Tuesday. And a father took his son to a soccer game last Friday. But that was last week, and now this year holds grief instead of birthday celebrations for those children.

These words aren’t meant to make you angry, or grieved, or for comparison, even though those emotions will be stirred. I don’t write them to incite hateful rhetoric against people who are so starved of the Gospel that they don’t realize what they’re living out on this earth isn’t true life. I write them to simply state: this is the world. This has always been the world.

But there’s more to it than that. There’s joy. Deep, unwavering, unexpected joy and hope and love. Glimpses of heaven on earth as the war in the spiritual realms rages around the globe.

There is death, yes; but hope abounds more. Christians are killed, but resurrection is promised. Communities grieve, but the love of Jesus thrives.

Do you know why “soft targets” are often sought by those who wish to do harm? Why children and women are targeted? The enemy seeks to destroy the spirit and hope that a younger generation promises. That’s why here at Shama Women, we seek to engage those in our South Asian community who are not only the most vulnerable to physical abuse, but who also carry the greatest potential for hope and joy, even if they don’t yet realize the full scope of the power of their identity in Christ.

It’s our hope and prayer that as outings to the park become fearful, as travel becomes more tense; that we can share life and the love and hope of Christ with an assurance and fervency that’s never been witnessed before. Lord, let it be your will.

After the terror attacks of last week, if you feel called to give financially to our South Asian brothers and sisters in Lahore, please contact us as our ministry partners are working closely with those in the community who have been affected. 


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