Parades, Persecution, and the Power of Christ

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Brave women gather as they march to the shores where they will immerse themselves in water, take a sharp breath, and come up dripping with new life. So together they walk down the street to the water.

That’s a parade.

Brave women risk the ridicule, alienation, and abuse because their faith doesn’t match their culture. Hearts pound and minds race with the weighted consequences of their risk.

That’s persecution.

Brave women go anyway. Ready to declare with their very bodies that Jesus died and rose again. Ready to claim the resurrection as their own.

That’s the power of Christ.


“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self control. “ 2 Timothy 1:7

The love of Jesus gives us power. His power gives us a choice to stand up for His love. The love, power, and choice, string together in a glorious parade that moves us forward to new life.

That’s a parade.

It is an out loud declaration of love that pushes well into the supernatural. It pushes past the fear of the unknown. For these brave women it pushes past the immediate risk of life and body. For many of us it pushes us past the risk of security and comfort.

We watch this parade of God’s glory dance right before us and we stop being content as passers-by and we feel compelled to participate knowing it will cost us something.

That’s the power of Christ.

Just like these Shama Women in South Asia, we start standing up for each other and with each other, and we march this parade down the street. Just like these women marching to the shore, we carry the banner of Jesus and we show people the way to new life.

Would you be brave enough to stand with these women? Will you walk with them in their pain and fear? They have so much to risk and we have very little to lose. We gain the whole Kingdom of Heaven when we stand with our brave sisters.

Will you join the parade?

Kaylie Hodges is a writer, wife, mother, and a small-town girl

with a preacher’s heart and a mission to scatter light. Find her at

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