Room to Grow

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Explosion. A blinding burst of light. A deafening roar.

Only darkness is left. Death is left.

Darkness and death. Buried under the rubble.

All that could be is now laid in darkness. Where there was potential it is now falling apart. Where there was hope it now feels like it is dying away.

In a world where nothing is guaranteed and it feels like the sky is falling there stand a group of women who dare to plant. In the middle of terrorist and religious torment they dare to plant churches. Bible studies. Resource centers. Classes.

They pour out their days over the ground where hope feels like it is dying away. They shine light where everything feels dark.

It’s not much, maybe. Maybe it’s just a hum of a sewing machine, the sharp sound of scissors cutting through hair, or a soft tap of keystrokes on a computer. But somehow these women stand firmly on the ground they have been given and they sow seeds of hope.

Seeds drop down in to blinding darkness and deafening silence. Quiet and still. Buried with all the hope of what could be. And down there in the dark miracles start happening.

Light is birthed from the dark. Life is birthed from death.

How does love grow? One little seed of hope at a time.

One woman in her neighborhood in South Asia is brave enough to look at the darkness around her and decide it’s fertile ground for planting. That’s where miracles start happening.

That’s where the little seedlings of hope start reaching for the light. That’s when they start seeing the Light of the World. Before long those seeds of hope pressed down deep in the dark are glorious fruits.

They are strong. They are beautiful. They are nourishing. They don’t just declare the grace of God, they demonstrate it with their lives. Each daily obedient step reveals the glory of heaven.

All those things we take for granted. A walk to class. A good job. That Bible study we go to every week. Those are life-risking feats for these women and with every pounding movement of their foot on the pavement they draw nearer to Jesus.

It’s easy to feel helpless and hopeless a world away, our lives filled with sunshine, water, and room to grow.

But we don’t have to be helpless. And we certainly don’t have to be hopeless. We just plant our seeds right along with them. We walk in the darkness hand and hand and we drop seeds together as women of God. As women of hope.

That’s where the miracles start happening.

That’s where light is birthed from the dark.

That’s where life is birthed from death.

Join us in being a sisterhood that plants seeds of hope.

Kaylie Hodges is a writer, wife, mother, and a small-town girl with a preacher’s heart and a mission to scatter light. Find her at

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