“Hello! They call me Lady K. I’m the founder of the Shama Women’s Center.  Every day, I go to work to change the lives of women. I teach them to read and write and train them to sew or to learn cosmetology. Many of the ladies that come to us cannot read and write. Many of these women suffer from abuse.

Within days of coming to one of our centers we can see the transformation. They feel safe. They are loved. They have community.

With just one year of training we can radically change the lives of women in our community. Many of our ladies will be able to earn a steady income and support their families. They will no longer be at the mercy of those who would take advantage of them. But we cannot do it alone. We need help. We need voices – people who care enough to get to know us and share our stories. We also need funding. These women live in extreme poverty. For the most part, they cannot pay for the training they need. We work to engage, encourage and equip women both in South Asia and The United States with the desire to see the lives of all involved radically changed.”


  • Adult Literacy

    With an average literacy rate of only 20%-40%, many women face a life bound to types of employment that facilitate environments for abuse, poverty, and forced marriage.* Our Shama Centers often must teach literacy before we can teach anything else.

  • Life Skills

    Sewing and cosmetology are two of the most stable vocations a woman can pursue in our operating region of South Asia. Women who were once bound to lead solitary lives are learning skills alongside others who share the same struggles. As their training progresses, they are given much more than a valuable skill which can bring financial stability to their lives – they are creating a vibrant community with the light of the Gospel at its core.

  • Purpose + Identity

    Up to 90% of women in our operating region are victims of domestic violence.* The training which Shama Women provides enables a woman to secure safe employment and provide an income that will help support her family. Our vision is to see a global community of women sharing life and their purpose in the light of Jesus together, despite the cultural and geographical boundaries that exist.

*Please contact us to learn our sources for these statistics.