because God designed us for friendship...

In 2005, Kanwel went door-to-door inviting women to come together and learn life-skills such as reading and writing and basic sewing skills. 

She quickly understood that even more than the skills, women craved community and Shama Women provided that. She rented a small facility - one room - one light bulb - sitting on the floor. But it was a place where women could gather together - and that was enough.

Today, Shama Women has two training centers and as a result of Covid-19, Shama Women has "taken the show on the road" with community gatherings and reaching more women than before.

To date, more than 1500 women have experienced the joy of having life-long friends.

Provide Work Skills
to help them earn a living in a safe environment...

For many of our ladies, the only job they can get is as a servant in the home of wealthier people or menial labor in a factory. In both situations, they are often physically abused by their employers. We provide work skills in sewing, cosmetology, and computer skills. 

We have two training centers which train about 100 women each every year.

These skills greatly improve the chances of Shama Women to get a job in a non-threatening environment.

Teach women to read
opening up a whole new world...

Imagine trying to navigate the market when you cannot read or write or add and subtract. This is the reality for at least 35% of the women that ask for help. Before they can measure, cut patterns, charge for their services, they need these basic life skills.

Learning to read also opens the Bible to them, and the women are no longer told what the Bible says but can read and study on their own.

Help women integrate their faith into their lives
Because what we believe determines how we live...

Shama Women offers vocational training and adult literacy to women regardless of their faith practices.

As part of a Christian faith-based organization, Shama Women provides practical theological training to those ladies of the Christian faith, helping them understand how to live their Christian faith in their homes and communities as they learn how to Love God and Love People.

Help women dream!
and relize those dreams.

When an illiterate woman comes to Shama Women, the thought of actually owning her own business is not even a possibility. But, as she learns to read, gain job skills, and build relationships in a safe environment, God builds hope and begins to open the creative minds of many of these ladies.

Shama Woman's basic business training helps women understand the basics of business, walks them through securing a national identification card, and provides a small amount of money for their first bank account. Imagine the feeling of being not only being the first woman in your family to have a bank account, but the FIRST PERSON EVER in your family to have a bank account.

And this is just the beginning...

Would you like to join the fun?
We would love to have you as part of Shama Women!

Friends on mission! That's who we are! 

We share life. We laugh, cry, rejoice, and persevere in the grace of Jesus.

We will not quit on God's Kingdom, and we will not quit on each other. 

Join with us - please!

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