Shama Women
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Shama Women is the vision of one lady with a deep faith in God and a passion for seeing her Pakistani women find their identity and destiny. 

Kanwel began in 2005 by going door-to-door, offering to train women to read and write and mentor them spiritually. With the help of a USA-based non-profit, she was soon able to open a small vocational training school to teach women to sew. In subsequent years, she was able to open a small salon to teach women how to teach cosmetology. 

In 2007, she met a woman living halfway around the world, and the two quickly became friends. Since then, Sharon and Kanwel have spent hours on Zoom, visited each other's homes, and dreamed and schemed together of ways to help the women of Pakistan.

To date, Shama Women has assisted more than 1000 women since they began.

Kanwel and Sharon love working together and inviting others to be a part of Shama Women.


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