Care, Prayer, and Share...
They just need to know that they are not alone...

When Sharon first met Kanwel, she asked Kanwel - "But, what can I do to help?"

And Kanwel stated, "We just want people to know we are here."

"I can do that!" Sharon promised. 

The rest is history - the movement began.

For these ladies, just knowing that there are people who know their story and are praying for them means all the world to them - you care!

You are important!

You can make a difference!

Become a Shama Sister and help us tell the world!


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A little goes a long way!

Can you share financially to help these ladies?  It would be a great help.

It cost about $500 a year to train each lady.

That's about $40 a month or $10 a week.

Some of you might able to afford to give each month. Others just occasionally.

Or maybe you can get a group of friends together and pool resources. 

Here is what we can promise:

We account for every penny given. 

We make sure the funds go to where they are needed the most. 

And, we are incredibly thankful for all that you give.

Thank you!